Nov 062015

Hej and hello follow devs!

(Längst ner på sidan finns posten på svenska.)

Today marks the release of the first KJ Interactive “3ds Max in Swedish” video, in cooperation with the Swedish High School LBS Gymansiet we will, on a weekly basis, be releasing these videos hoping to draw in a younger or perhaps even significantly older crowd into the wonderful world of 3D modeling.

Enough talking, here’s the video, we start by going over the interface.

Here you can follow the LBS Facebook page!

Of course you must also follow KJ Interactive on Facebook by now, but if you aren’t make sure you do for new tutorials in both Swedish and English!


Idag släpper KJ Interactive i samarbete med LBS Gymansiet sin första video i serien 3ds Max på Svenska, för alla som vill lära sig modellera men som känner att språket har varit en barriär.

I första videon som du ser ovan går vi igenom gränssnittet.

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