Dec 022015

Hello again everyone,

It’s been a while and for that I am sorry, life, am I right? I am right.

With apologies out of the way, I’m going to introduce the daily dev hour by Nerd-Time.

JWe at KJ Interactive have decided that for at least one hour of every day in the month of December work on our new project, which we will announce semi-shortly.

Without further ado, what I did was to create a pipeline for normal maps, to make sure that they are based on the same smoothing group/edge hardening workflow, with a nice Unity tangent space.

Fat Eco Man In Grass

What I did is to create the small potion bottle, to better try out hard and soft edge baking in one object, bake our (naked) antagonist’s normal map and setup some basic lighting inside of Unity.


While I was doing this, Krister (who currently suffers from an internet deficiency) was setting up a functioning asset server for the project, allowing us to work together while apart.

Make sure to join us in our quest for productivity, use the hashtags #OneHour #gamedev and let everyone know what you’re up to!

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