Dec 232015

Already on week 4!? Time flies by, but that’s probably what I’ve written every week now, so, here’s something new.

I’ve been using Maya Lt now, almost exclusively since the idea of paying for a 3ds Max is a bit too heavy right now, luckily I’m allowed to use it at work so when I need something done quick, well that’s what lunch hours are for!

December 21st

J Today I managed to retopologize all of the base clothing for the fat man, also fixed a lot of issues with skinning on the main body and improved further upon the rig, starting to come to the point where I’m going to have to create morphtargets if I want to take it further.

We’ll see about that though, I still feel like I could take this rig a bit further, I’d like to create a real face GUI for it, but I’ve got to rad a bit more on that subject first.

I have still to try and create O, CDENSZ, AKI, L, MPB, FV, Ooo, Ahh and Th, but I will get to that after I create a tongue for him.

Gear retopo and skinning

Gear retopo and skinning


December 22nd

JFirst real animation test with the new rig, I found that my foot roll is far from perfect, so I’ll look into fixing that. Way more annoying however was having the head parented to the neck, this made the character look in whichever way the chest turned.

The fix was simple in a way but still took me about 2 hours, now instead of being parented, the head is driven by a constant point constraint and a keyable rotation constraint, why not a parent constraint you ask? Well, I simply can’t think of a single time when I’d want to move the head like that.

Should I want to in the future, I just need to create a custom attribute and bind it to the keyed transformation channels on the point constraint, in any case, it will always be preferable to be able to use rotation and transformation separately for the head.

Walk cycle V 0.1

Walk cycle V 0.1



December 23rd

J Been reading up on animation fundamentals and realized I’m going to have to create an FK/IK switch for my arms, it’ll be too clumsy trying to create a nice swing without the ability to use FK, I love rigging!

December 24th

J I spent about an hour on watching animation principle videos this evening after everyone had gone to sleep, can’t wait to be back to my computer to put everything I’ve learned into practice.