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I see you’ve made it here, that’s a great start! Our first few blog posts will be about our team-members, this one is about me, Jona, the team TA or Technical Artist. I’m actually the only artist whatsoever at the moment.

As you might imagine, my posts will mainly be art-related, with content ranging from concept art, 3D models and animations, to particle effects, shaders and blueprints.

Jona's Face

Jona’s Face

I’ll make my bio as short and sweet as possible. After graduating from Gotland University in 2009 I was employed as a teacher of real-time rendering techniques and work flows. During this time I also worked on multiple research games, ranging from serious exercise games to military simulations.

After about one and a half years I was offered a chance to move to Nanjing, China to work part-time as a teacher at Nanjing University, while developing a serious game concerning CO2 for the Chinese Government.

One year later I returned to Gotland to work on Legends of Aethereus, a game headed for Steam. After its release in late 2013, Gotland was feeling too small and game-development had lost its charm, it was once again time for a change of scenery.

At the start of 2014 I moved to Stockholm where I currently work as a CAD Consultant at Bjerking AB, at the same time I do part-time as a High School teacher at LBS Stockholm while juggling my responsibilities at our own KJ Interactive studio, and with that, my return to the (indie) games industry is a fact.

I promised art, and sometimes I keep my promises!

I make art, this is a bag.


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