May 102015
Krister shaking his fist angrily

Krister shaking his fist angrily

My name is Krister, and I like to party.

Before I get long winded I can summarize me in a few words.

I am as I’m writing this, quite old, to be somewhat exact, I’m 34 years old.
I work as a game development (I always misspell that and type devlopment) and programming teacher at LBS Stockholm as well as being the programmer here at KJ Interactive.
I like movies, books, music, friends, and all the other things everyone enjoys.
My favorite drink is a Gin & Tonic, and no, it can’t be any gin, it should be Hendricks Gin, I am also addicted to fizzy drinks but I’m trying not to be.
My latest nickname allocated is Klyx, taken from a rectal medicine which is some kind of laxative, I shit you not (pun intended). I figure it was because of my problem solving skills.

Well, that’s the short story, on to the main dish.

I was born and raised on the Swedish island of Gotland in the City of Visby, quite a small town I suppose.

After quite a few years of drooling or whatever it is kids do I, by dumb luck and no better option chose to learn a bit about computers during högstadiet, it was there I really got hooked to programming right after my “Hello World“.

From that day I was coding away, slowly because it was quite hard, especially without the INTERNET! Yep, that’s right folks, I was not online.
This meant I needed other hobbies as well which includes but is not limited to, movies, music, books, games of all kinds, especially table top role playing games. Maybe that’s why I in my programming always focused on games.

Some years went by and in 2004 I started to study game devlpment (I always misspell this word) and programming at Gotland University. After those three years and a distance based fourth year where I for the second time moved up to Stockholm, Gotland University called me back and offered me a job, so I packed my recently unpacked stuff and moved back. A few great years went by where I worked as a developer and teacher before me and a bunch of my colleagues wanted to actually make games.

Again I few years went by, our project was… a bit of a (financial) failure… So once again I found my way back to Stockholm, for a third and hopefully final time. Here KJ Interactive took form. This time we made sure to had financial security, I took a job as a game developer / programmer teacher over at LBS Stockholm, by for the best job to date. We have already snagged one of my students to work with us, but you will get to know her at a later date, this is all about me for the moment.

Well… I suppose that is it about me, now if you excuse me, I must get back to work.

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