May 172015
Sophie Malmberg, Programmer

Sophie Malmberg, Programmer

Hello there!

My name is Sophie Malmberg, and I am one of the programmers in this team.

By participating in working with our just recently released game, Swedish Bus Stop, I took my first step into the world of creating games. Jumping directly into 48-hour game development without any prior experience might have been tough, but one learns a lot along the way.

So, how did I get here? My introduction to programming went through beginning to code HTML and CSS at the age of eleven, to later down the road undertake programming languages such as C++ and Assembly. I have always enjoyed learning and am curious not only for how things work but why they work the way they do. So when first discovering the secrets behind computers and video games, it was easy to get hooked.

I met Krister and Jona at LBS Stockholm, where I currently study System Development, and luckily they found me worthy of joining their team. So far it has been a great time, and I look forward continuing working on projects with them here at KJ Interactive.

Main hobbies outside of game development are perfume collecting, book reading, physics and travelling around the world. There are a lot of things left to learn, but I look brightly on the future and am curious what it will bring…

– Sophie Malmberg

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