Jun 192015

It’s midsummer here in Sweden, it’s a special day where we celebrate summer, it is also the only day of the year where rain is guarantied.

Sophie visiting Svalbard, Norway

Sophie visiting Svalbard

This summer I’m going to take some time just making smaller games, testing some new tech and having fun with development, and of course I’m not going to spend all my time in front of the computer, quite the contrary but every now and then, but as Jona is away on a road trip in the states and Sophie just came back from Svalbard, Norway I thought I might as well.

When I started I had no idea what I wanted to make, it needed to be something quick, an evening or two at the most I thought as I saw the four Xbox controllers I borrowed from work over the summer, and as we are currently in the beginning of hour secret project over here at KJ Interactive, a four player co-op game that will use controllers it felt like a good idea to test that out a bit more.

For the game mechanics, well it just came to me, like a divine intervention from The Great Old Ones themselves, circles and planes just popped into my head and earlier this morning the world greatest game was completed.

Circle Together 4 player coop game

Circle Together

To try and explain Circle Together what it is about. it is for 1 – 4 players (requires game pads) and each plane needs to fill up with the same color as one of the cannons in the middle, you do this by letting the lasers or cannon balls touch your plane and avoid the wrong colors.

You all fly around in this orbit around the cannons and you decide the direction together, if two wants to fly clockwise and the other two counterclockwise you will be in a deadlock, you will be the fastest if you all try and move in the same direction.

The game is beat when all four players is filled up with a color.

Download Circle Together game

And please remember that I have not been able to test it thoroughly, I tried using four controllers by my self, that is difficult but if you do have any questions of feedback you can contact KJ Interactive on Facebook.

I will show you a short video that might show a bit how the game is played, I did try and play four players all by myself with four controllers so basically I just made a video for the fun of it as it won’t really describe that much at all :p


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