Aug 272015

All the characters we know and love, Cars, Wall--e, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monster's Inc, Ants, Ratatouille, Up and just now Inside Out!

Khan Academy just released their new series “Pixar in a box”, and it is just as awesome as it sounds! Together with Pixar, they have created an extensive set of videos on how they create their movies from both a technical and artistic viewpoint and how, two so different kinds of people work together to create the movies we all know and love.

Too many words will just lessen your excitement so without further ado, here’s the link to the Khan Page containing Pixar’s tutorials!

Personally, I can’t wait to go through these, maybe it’s time to take a few days off of work, on thing is for sure, it’s gonna be an exciting and enlightening weekend!

Enjoy yourselves and learn, learn, learn!

//Jona Marklund

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