Oct 232015

What could be better than spending a Friday evening authoring a tutorial for the game developers of the world or as I like to call you, my Lovelies, with a capital L.

Maybe learning something new, this, I’ve already done today, I learned that the difference between a method and a function is that the method belongs to a class, exciting isn’t it!

Now then, as for the reason you came here, I know it, learning. Today I’ll show you a little trick in the Unity Engine, while Gizmos are valuable, they can sometimes get in the way, especially when working with art.

Drum roll if you please!

Go click and un-click the hell out of those Gizmo settings, another time, if I get even a single request for it, I’ll take you through writing a simple script which will allow you to toggle the Gizmos on and off with the tick of a box.

If this was useful, do give me a like and/or a subscribe, I do this so that I’ll feel like a contributing member of the development scene after all, me me ME!

With that, I’m un-clicking this with a //Jona, your dev in the dark.

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