Apr 262015

To our new development blog were you will be able to follow our great (mis)adventures of… GAME DEVELOPMENT!

That’s right, come join us on our continued journey developing games, prototypes, and teching (<- not a real word) around.

Who are we? Well, we are two “professionals” who have, for a rather staggering amount of years by now, been working as consultants and educators in the field of game design and development. Without the use of (much) force, we have bought along our friends and soon to be friends to do some work as well. If you keep on following this dev blog, you will learn more about us and our friends as time goes by.

Avoiding work

Krister and Jona

First up! A beautiful photo of us taking a break from development, me (Krister) reading something related to programming rather than joining the party on my phone, and Jona who is (as usual) bragging about that time he was in Körslaget (don’t tell him I said that, he hates that).

Oh and please bookmark us or at least make your way back to us, I can already feel the lack of attention draining me.

// Krister

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