May 292016

I’m not only a programmer here at KJ working on our RPG and shop manager game Eco Tales: My Item Shop but I’m also a teacher at LBS Stockholm where game development and game graphics are two of our most popular programs to study. There are 14 LBS schools around Sweden and every year LBS Jönköping hosts LBS Game Awards.

Me and some of my students traveled there to support the two projects from our school that took part in this event with there projects.

Outside the event building,

Outside the event building,








The event itself was held in this old brick warehouse prior to destruction looking building suitable for rave parties and game awards, an improvement from last year where we where in a corridor, the only negative thing I can see this year is the fact that I like toilets, I dislike porta potties and lets just leave it at that.

It was filled with eager students all showing off there games that judged by some awesome jurors from the industry, King was there representing and held two really nice lectures.

LBS Game Awards 2016








Like I said we were there with two projects, one first year project from GotoStart Studio showing of their game Owen’s Adventure.

We also had a second year project from Red Line Games and there project Turf Wars that might be nominated in Swedish Game Awards next.


It makes me really proud what my students have accomplished, well beyond the scope of what was reasonable to accomplish, something they jury agreed upon because we took home a lot of prices.

Owen’s Adventure came in second for best 3d graphics and best technical solution and first price for best newcomer of the year.

GotoStart Studio

Winning best newcomer of the year.








Our second year students, the crowd pleasing project Turf Wars took home second place in best game, first place in best 3d graphics and most importantly peoples choice.

Red Line Games

Turf Wars








So needless to say, as a teacher I was overwhelmed, not surprised ;p and I consider myself to be the real winner and expect at least 10% of any future income from them.

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May 252016

eco tales happy 3ds max maya rpg game fun

I’m very excited about this week’s progress, why?

Well, I’ve gotten some new clothes, as for the rest, well, the boys can tell you about that, I couldn’t care less even if I tried.

J So I’ve been working even harder than usual knowing that Warhammer : Total War is to be released on Tuesday, this means I won’t get any work done for at least a week.


Above you can see some new clothes for the fit female and male, a basic shirt and a simple dress shirt each! The new clothing customization is also alive and well as you can surely tell.

Lech's new clothes

Lech’s new clothes

Here is Lech’s new shirt as well, it’s also using the new PBR cloth shader, however, Lech refused to wear anything with a lot of fancy patterns, so we settled on blue.

K Thanks to the workday we managed to have I got some more AI work made, yay. I managed to fix that small bug I introduced a while ago and took the time to look over the code and fixing small issues making it overall more stable.

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May 172016


Oh my! A scary amount of things have happened this week what with one of my devs being sick and having been unable to party for a weekend.

Others than me have received clothes now and I’ve brought out some pillows and such for you to put your merchandise on once you’ve rented that patch of land from me.

Ambrosia isn’t too happy with my company though, so you should get here quickly, she is YOUR pet after all.

JI’ve been sick! Huzza, loads of things have been finished thanks to this, also I’ve held my final lecture at Uni so that didn’t take any time either.

So what have I done then you ask? Let’s start off with this image of some tables and merchandise holders.


With the help of Marvelous Designer I was able to very quickly create table cloths and some rather nice pillows for showing off merchandise.

I also created a new PBR shader for the cloth which allows for more advanced manipulation of detail textures, you will be able to buy patterns and cloth colors to customize everything about your shop!


As you can see, this isn’t restricted to your shop, you will also be able to customize your clothes to fit with your personal style!

K It continues being the end of the semester, on top of that what little time I did have I spent on Gotland celebrating the birthday of my partner, her sister AND her mother, I did this of course with great dubiously joy.

For Eco Tales my work on AI continues, trying to reach our first basic and primitive something to fight against, doing so I have introduced a small bug which I’m sure is an easy fix as soon as I have more than a few minutes to spend on it.

Much joy and hopefully a can scramble together some more time for next week.

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May 122016

Hello everyone especially all of you students from Uppsala University, hope you enjoyed our little talks, I sure did.

Today we’ll be looking at creating a super simple shader which will make grass, or any object for that matter, maybe a flag or tree branches, flow in the wind, based upon a vertex paint and a single scalar value.

At the bottom of the post you will find a .rar file with a mobile (unlit) and a PBR version of the shader, ready to open inside of Shader Forge.

First up, a semi-short video where we look at vertex painting in Maya, 3Ds Max and Blender.

In part two we create the shader inside of Shader Forge.

Or if you’re in a hurry, here are the actual Grass Shaders!

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May 102016

eco tales happy 3ds max maya rpg game funThis week is actually a very exciting one, why? ‘Cause this week I’ve been spotted in the best looking screenshot of Eco Tales to date!

As you may know, Jona joined an Artstation challenge and after some pleading, I allowed him to put me into the post.

JMost of my time this week has been spent on lecturing University students at Uppsala University on shaders, post-effects and over all lighting inside of Unity. However, before I went off to do this I managed to finish up my submission to the Artstation Transport Contest.

This also doubles as our first pre-alpha graphics screenshot and is the level of graphical fidelity we’ll be aiming at for all areas of the finished game!


Screenshot from the northern forests of Ecbatana.

If you’re interested there are some WIP shots on the challenge page as well as in the earlier recaps, here’s a wireframe for those interested as well!


As you can see the grass is rather extremely tightly packed and using an expensive SpeedTree shader, despite all this, it’s still a pretty light scene discounting the 1.9million verts/tris.

Optimizing is for another day, now we have a goal in mind!

L Today when writing my racap of last week I’m in agony, a sudden and not so very nice case of torticollis is making my day rather difficult.

Some people call it karma. What have I, a humble super awesome coder done to deserve this you might ask? Well I’ve only managed to put in a days work on Eco Tales last week.

My focus area at the time is AI, so I’m building a list of tasks different NPCs will be able to perform before building the actual behavior tree that will bring them to life, starting out with the basic and most common tasks like patrol, follow and so on hoping to start of with a rather primitive AI to fight against.

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May 032016

eco tales sick of you villain

Recap 14 and you’re back? Guess the boys are more interesting to you than they are to me.

What they’ve been up to this week? Well Jona found 3ds Max 2017 and started boasting about knowing how the new UV mapping system works.

JOur Lech sure is a ray of sunshine, bet you can’t wait to meet him in game!
So what have I been up to? Well first of I’ve created this tutorial for the new 3Ds Max 2017 UV-mapping features.

It’s become quite popular as far as tutorials go, so why mention this here? It’s actually a part of our new marketing scheme, pushing out free amazing (we hope) tutorials which all reference Eco Tales in some way.

In this one it’s Lech himself being peeled by the new UVW scalpel, additionally there’s an ever present link to the blog, and once every so often I talk a little about Eco and tell people where to look for it.

In 72 hours it’s been viewed 750 times but there has not been any noticeable increase in traffic to any of our social media channels.

I also made this for Krister, I hope we’ll be able to show more of what this is soon!


Khas declined comment this week, I think what he did to my gcode has something to do with it.


Krister’s print.

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