Aug 312016

Hello my lovely Devs!

Tired of hearing (read as reading) future customers and other developers say (write) “Looks like it’s made in Unity”, well, be tired no more!

By writing your own custom Screen Space effects, your game will look like no other game ever conceived! I mean just look at Eco Tales, have you ever seen a cuter character than our very own Lech?

Skinning clothes


You may have guessed it! Today I’m kicking off a tutorial series on creating post effects inside of Unity using Shader Forge, if it becomes popular, I’ll continue. For now it’s just two introduction videos which should be able to set you off on your own adventures!

In part one we create the base of all screen space effects, the script needed on the camera to make the shader do it’s magic as well as a simple one color shader, just to see how simple it is to get into post process shaders inside of Shader Forge.

In part two we look at screen space UVs and manipulate these to create a simple distortion effect.

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Aug 302016

Annoyed_Villain_01I’m taking a selfie again this week, doesn’t seem like the guys have time for me anymore… But I’m not bitter.

That is only, of course, because next weekend they’re having another work-camp, if not for that, I’d be furious.

J I’ve had quite the bout with an unfortunate rotten piece of food and another funeral this week, but I did have time to look into Particle Playground III, an asset store packaged designed to improve upon Shruiken.

I’ve been looking into creating simple ambient effects for swords, these are a bit exaggerated to get the point across, but I think this is the way to go!


Here are some flowers for testing with InfiniGRASS.

K For my part I’ve been meddling with connecting our character with our inventory system, there’s still quite a long way to go but we’re getting there.

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Aug 292016


This week the boys managed an entire weekend of deving at Jona’s apartment in the southern part of Stockholm.

Let’s read what they’ve got to write!

J I have gotten a lot done this week, a lot of the time has however been spent re-exporting, renaming and normalizing assets for use in our sharp Unity project. I won’t bore you with a list of assets, I may instead start creating some videos on how said assets were made.

Let’s get down to business! I have as the more dedicated readers know been working steadily towards making our environmental assets as modular (read procedural) as possible.


So far the focus has been on the geometry side of things, with the weekend’s work-camp we can happily say that it’s been a success, we can now easily build geometry with auto-generated colliders and UV-mapping to build our grey-boxed levels with.


These greyboxed levels will, in an ideal world, be automatically turned into a finalized state by updating the Houdini Digital Assets they are connected to, we will then have parts cut up and put into DunGen our randomization tool of choice.

Cobble stones final

Cobble stones final

Above, you see my first hand-painted cobble stone texture, looking back at Recap 4 I started looking into a substance based system for creating the base for my textures.

Looking at it now with a few more hours in the program I realize that there must be a way to get the “close to hand-painted PBR-softness” look, I want for the game, without spending hours upon hours on rendering inside if Photoshop.


Well trodden cobble stone road

Above you can see my first attempt at this, the size differences could be toned down, and even more importantly; the way some of these are angled compared to their neighbors, still feel more than a bit off.

substance designer not looking great

Noticeable and weird

I’ve also been doing a lot of twerking with Krister’s prefabs but don’t tell him that!

K WOW what a great week, things are getting back to normal after the summer, my students are back in school and we managed to have a complete weekend focusing on Eco Tales.

I’m in the progress of settings some key functionality in stone (steatite or something not to hard if we want to be able to change it) and we are finally moving towards being able to show some really early gameplay.

I only have one issue this week that bothers me, something is going on with my prefabs, I don’t know if it is Unity 5.4 that is acting up or something but weird things are happening that I will have to adress.

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Aug 152016


Things are returning to normal after vacations and other unforeseen circumstances.

Let’s see what the boys have been up to over the last week.

J Starting off I’ve radically improved the water shader and the automatic flow map generation, check it out, pretty neat for an automagic system, wouldn’t you say?


There are multiple parts to this, part of it is shader based, but most of it is done in Houdini, clamping the red channel helped a lot with consistency,  across the surface, here you can see the difference in colors from the last week to this week.



The red areas above are the main reason to the flow seen below, however, some broken math inside of the shader didn’t help!




The color of the terrain (red, green and blue) only relates to material type so that can be ignored, what is interesting is how subtle the red gradient is in this new version.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make the water flow, away and around based upon a general ocean direction, but I will put that on the shelf for now, most players wouldn’t notice it anyways!

I’ve also created and scraped two terrain systems over the last week, I may post a break down later, but I didn’t find them to be useful, at least not for Eco Tales.

K After two failed albums and a rather unfavourable review from, “Positive Reviews inc.” Krister is now back on track with game development.

J I managed to catch Lech in the act of listening to the first single.


Song free intro.


Singing starts.


Three seconds pass.


Four seconds in.


Five seconds.


Mp3 player off.

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Aug 112016


Doesn’t look like a lot has happened this week, although, allegedly making water look worse takes a very very long time.

J I have not managed to do too much this week, at least not on the game, but what has been done is quite cool, if I may say so myself!


Here is the shader to which I’ve added flow (vertex map) functionality, working side by side with the Digital Asset I created in Houdini, as you can clearly see here, the flow map is way too strong, that’s something I will have to managed next week.

I’ve also started working on a custom terrain tool for Eco Tales, that will suit our needs, everything will be built by hand but placed procedurally, in a way that will make sense to all of you readers once I start showing off the assets I have planed.

Suffice to say, there will be no measurements and strict asset height, widths and lengths to fit into a grid based system!


Ack, definitely going to have to send along some attributes to keep walls from being built upon water and similar surfaces!

Houdini… I can’t recommend it enough, can’t wait for the moment when time allows for a deep plunge into simulations of various fluids and destruction!

K Krister is working on his Hip-Hop career currently, this is a graph in Lech form predicting the buildup of his fandom.


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Aug 052016


For this week’s recap I had to take a selfie, as Jona didn’t have the time to take a picture of me, I think it turned out quite well, I’m much better at this than he ever was!

The fun is over, let’s see what the boys have been up to.

JBeing an avid KJ blog follower, you probably already saw this, but I created a short tutorial on getting pre-fractured animations from Houdini into Unity. If you didn’t see it, I don’t blame you, but do make sure you head over to that post, after reading this one.

Due to a family tragedy this post is rather late, but hey, better late than never, as some people I know are very keen on saying.

Let’s start off with what you’ll be able to do if you follow the above mentioned tutorial, pretty cool, isn’t it? Imagine doing that to a door or a chest your character’s been beating at for a while!


One of the main things I’ve been working on this week is a water shader for the game, and to help me in that endeavour I’ve used a custom Houdini asset which easily allows me to raise and lower water levels and create peaks of different heights.

With that said, it’ll work on any surface and the waves are fully customizable inside of the shader.


I have since creating that gif also added in a flowmap which is automatically generated based upon where islands are intersecting the water, it colours the verts and then smooths it into a plane which looks like this.


There’re a lot of other things I’d like to share as well, but that would make this post a bit too long and I’d rather have it more easily googleable than in just a “regular” Weekly Recap, so look forward to that mostly Houdini and shader centric post, soon… ish.

Joul-joul over and out!

K Boy oh boy did I have a bad week, completely overtaken by a cold bringing me to the brim of death. Even Mr Plešec almost felt sorry for me, almost…

3D printed Lech

3D printed Lech

What energy I did have went into doing these 16 hours 3d prints of Lech 3D printed Lech Plešec this time much larger than the first and just waiting for a paint job by me and Jona.

Well now when this cold is finally starting to change for the better we are beginning to finalize some parts of what we have so far to put together some early gameplay.

This week also marks the end of my vacation so back to work.







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