Apr 252016


Welcome to recap 13, starting today, I Lech Plešec will be taking care of the introductory parts of these posts.

In short, I’m mad, not because Krister made a fool out of Jona on 9gag, no I more than approve of that sort of behavior.

I’m mad because a lot of you readers don’t follow my page of Facebook! Get to it, and see me smile next week, well, maybe… I make no promises.

J Oh girl-boy, what a week! I’ve managed to fit in a lot of Eco Tales time this week! Most of it was spent on creating cloth and the rest on lighting and scene building for my Artstation Challenge.

Screenshot Saturday #2

Screenshot Saturday #2

This also doubled as our first, in my own humble opinion, quite nice looking screenshot!

My programmer Krister, found below is generally a nice guy, however, this week he decided to embarrass me on the web, using this 9gag post.

I can recommend reading the comments found in the link above, they’re really going all out, some helpful tips and some hilariously internet level rude things!

Offending gif

Never share WIPs with programmers.

Above you can see the offending gif which I shared in confidence with Krister “the Betrayer” Programmingsson.

K Even though I’ve had a busy week away from Eco Tales due to work and visiting Borås for LBS Media Awards I managed to fill my weekend with valuable Eco time.

At the moment I have begun working on AI, that’s Artificial Intelligence if you are not aware. I’m beginning testing and learning the system that we will use, trying simple AI tasks like getting characters to move, patrol and such things coding tasks suitable for the base and systems we have now.

When I feel more confident in using this system and have a good foundation of tasks I will have to create the behavior tree putting these tasks to use for an example AI that will find you and will battle you.

Some of the systems and tasks I will need to create (rough draft) are

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Patrolling
  • Searching
  • Targeting
  • Attacking
  • Following
  • Fleeing

Well I think that will be a good base, the difficult part will be to create a way for all of these to work together to create a believable enemy that will engage you, the player in a pleasing way, this will of course require tons of testing but thankfully we are a long way from that :p

As usual I don’t have any nice images for you to see, plight of the programmer I suppose but seeing what Jona brought to the table I’m sure you are not even reading this because you are passed out in your chair from all his mind blowing visuals but I will show you an idea of what a simple behaviour tree might look like so you will get to know a little bit of what my future will be.

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