May 172016


Oh my! A scary amount of things have happened this week what with one of my devs being sick and having been unable to party for a weekend.

Others than me have received clothes now and I’ve brought out some pillows and such for you to put your merchandise on once you’ve rented that patch of land from me.

Ambrosia isn’t too happy with my company though, so you should get here quickly, she is YOUR pet after all.

JI’ve been sick! Huzza, loads of things have been finished thanks to this, also I’ve held my final lecture at Uni so that didn’t take any time either.

So what have I done then you ask? Let’s start off with this image of some tables and merchandise holders.


With the help of Marvelous Designer I was able to very quickly create table cloths and some rather nice pillows for showing off merchandise.

I also created a new PBR shader for the cloth which allows for more advanced manipulation of detail textures, you will be able to buy patterns and cloth colors to customize everything about your shop!


As you can see, this isn’t restricted to your shop, you will also be able to customize your clothes to fit with your personal style!

K It continues being the end of the semester, on top of that what little time I did have I spent on Gotland celebrating the birthday of my partner, her sister AND her mother, I did this of course with great dubiously joy.

For Eco Tales my work on AI continues, trying to reach our first basic and primitive something to fight against, doing so I have introduced a small bug which I’m sure is an easy fix as soon as I have more than a few minutes to spend on it.

Much joy and hopefully a can scramble together some more time for next week.

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