May 252016

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I’m very excited about this week’s progress, why?

Well, I’ve gotten some new clothes, as for the rest, well, the boys can tell you about that, I couldn’t care less even if I tried.

J So I’ve been working even harder than usual knowing that Warhammer : Total War is to be released on Tuesday, this means I won’t get any work done for at least a week.


Above you can see some new clothes for the fit female and male, a basic shirt and a simple dress shirt each! The new clothing customization is also alive and well as you can surely tell.

Lech's new clothes

Lech’s new clothes

Here is Lech’s new shirt as well, it’s also using the new PBR cloth shader, however, Lech refused to wear anything with a lot of fancy patterns, so we settled on blue.

K Thanks to the workday we managed to have I got some more AI work made, yay. I managed to fix that small bug I introduced a while ago and took the time to look over the code and fixing small issues making it overall more stable.

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