Jun 142016


Oh my, I can hardly believe the post old Krister has written below, poor J has been rather hard at work and that picture doesn’t look a lot like his art style at all.

Anyhow, I feel I owe it to my future income from you all renting my property to show some of the things Jona has worked on, now that the lazy… Now that he is on vacation in France for a week.

L So what has Jona done then, let’s see, he sent me some images.


Cultist clothing and hierarchy differences

Here are two of those nasty cultists seen inside of Unity, they evidently lack details like belts and such, still though, nastier people would be difficult to find.


Procedural wall prototype

This here is supposed to become walls inside of dungeons, looks terrible doesn’t it? I’ve been told that the “vertex colors” will have different “textures” on them which will make it look great, Jona promises this. We’ll see, I’m sceptical.

He’s also been writing some lore, however, he didn’t want to share any of that, he felt that this is enough, now, enjoy Krister’s original post, it’s rated R for strong language, you’ve been warned!

Well the J of KJ Interactive have traveled to France on a luxurious vacation leaving me here working on Eco Tales all by my self. I don’t hold a grouch for Jola of course, if Joba needs a vacation then Joma should get a vacation.

Finally I can get my ideas into Eco Tales, they are of course the good ones but that does not matter for now. I will try and recap last weeks shenanigans meaning I will besides from writing my part also emulate Joras part.

Oh, and I suppose I will have to continue with having Jopas part first event though it is really weird because then it spells out JK instead of KJ and JK Interactive is a really bad name and I don’t like it.

J Hi, Jopa here, due to a massive case of syphilis I’m on my way to France to find a cure, but I did manage to get some “important” “work” in on Eco, yes you guessed it… Clothes.

I did some pants and a shirt or something like that, here is a ingame screenshot of the final result.

Joora did some new clothes

Joora did some new clothes


K What have been one of the heaviest weeks of the year is finally over, only one week of work left (quite heavy in it self) before my vacation start and I can put in a lot more work on Eco Tales.

Well I suppose I will try and explain what I’ve done this week even though it is invisible because I’m a programmer and can’t make awesome art like that one above from Jona.

Working with the AI as usual I needed to rework the test combat system a bit to make it work, replacing some animations as well. During this process a found some bugs a quickly squashed and started working on a little surprise that I will hopefully be able to tell you about the next week or the week after that.

Anyways, a quick recap or more of a hey how are you doing lets talk tomorrow kind of a post but a post none the less.


As they say in France, are river and have a nice week.

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