Aug 152016


Things are returning to normal after vacations and other unforeseen circumstances.

Let’s see what the boys have been up to over the last week.

J Starting off I’ve radically improved the water shader and the automatic flow map generation, check it out, pretty neat for an automagic system, wouldn’t you say?


There are multiple parts to this, part of it is shader based, but most of it is done in Houdini, clamping the red channel helped a lot with consistency,  across the surface, here you can see the difference in colors from the last week to this week.



The red areas above are the main reason to the flow seen below, however, some broken math inside of the shader didn’t help!




The color of the terrain (red, green and blue) only relates to material type so that can be ignored, what is interesting is how subtle the red gradient is in this new version.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make the water flow, away and around based upon a general ocean direction, but I will put that on the shelf for now, most players wouldn’t notice it anyways!

I’ve also created and scraped two terrain systems over the last week, I may post a break down later, but I didn’t find them to be useful, at least not for Eco Tales.

K After two failed albums and a rather unfavourable review from, “Positive Reviews inc.” Krister is now back on track with game development.

J I managed to catch Lech in the act of listening to the first single.


Song free intro.


Singing starts.


Three seconds pass.


Four seconds in.


Five seconds.


Mp3 player off.

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