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Thinking_Villain_01I see something brewing off in the horizon, they’ve gotten a lot of hours in this week, sadly, I’ve heard, something called “Collab” has made sure that most of those hours have gone to redoing work which has then had to be re-downloaded and redone and… Well, they’re not happy, so I can’t get this grin off of my face.

J Holy handkerchief basket! What a week! I believe there will be enough said about Collab, so I’ll hold my piece.

What then have I done? I’ve redone all of our shaders, there were issues with Roughness not updating in deferred mode, now that issue is no longer around.

I’ve also created cloth and detail versions of our standard PBR shader.

More importantly is the awesome Shop/Building creation tool I’ve been working on in Houdini, it’s going to be amazing once it’s done, I’ve been working on it since Friday morning so it clocks in at around 35 hours as of this first version.


“Oh girl-boy, how exciting, a grey box!” Well, don’t judge a mesh by its vertexes, let’s check it out inside of Unity!


Now that image contains nothing which should be thought of as final, think of it as a pig with some make-up on it! Still, a pretty cool start wouldn’t you say? One of the most annoying things to me at the current moment is the extreme angle of the corners, I really don’t want to have to create a load of extra points in a curve to smoothen them out, manual labor is definitely not the way to go.

Sunday Morning 11AM (Turtles in time anyone?) Using the power of DSL I’ve finally manged to update to the latest Houdini daily build and now, three hours post install, this is what we have.


The difference may not be apparent to someone who hasn’t been working on it for almost a full work-week, however, if you look at the corners, you can see that they are now rounded, something which was barely possible before the update to the PolyBevel node.


I am currently left with only one corner issue, Houdini crashes whenever I try to combine the curve and have the PolyBevel work on my first and end points, to be fair, this isn’t that big of an issue, looking at the above screenshot, I’ve simple placed the first and last point on a straight part of the wall, no need to bevels!

“Straight lines?!” You say. “How?” You say, well, let’s just say I’ll be writing a short post on extending the Houdini Engine using Unity Editor scripts, possibly later in the week.


This is the final image for this week, the smoothing may or may not be a good idea, this amount at least feels a bit much. I’m having a bit of an issue with getting inputs to show up as I create more of them, however, I’m sure that is something we’ll see a fix for in upcoming daily builds!

Now then, let’s end the post with the thing I enjoy the most, VFX and Shaders, here’s a prototype potion shader, I think it’s pretty cool, what do you think? Leave us a message on Facebook!

New potion shader test

Toodles y’all!

K Now I’m not the one that usually falls into the pit of despair but in the current disrepair of of a little tool called Unity Collaborate that is currently in beta I find myself too close to that edge.

Now don’t take me for a fool, I’m very much aware of the meaning of beta but when you put forth a tool so utterly useless in its current form you have to begin questioning the very fabric of reality.

In every step Collaborate turns into a major issue, from downloading an update to committing your work, from files that cannot be moved, updated or just exist at all and the only solution is deleting the project and re-download everything from scratch and then maybe it will work… Maybe. So in all honesty this is more of a pre-release of the alpha.

Now of course these issues never stop us, we are KJ after all so we do get things done, just not at the speed we would like to and soon enough you’ll see what I’ve been up to.

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