Jan 252016
J Augh! Week three of the year is already over and honestly, it feels as if nothing has been finished, things have barely even been started!

We’ve been trying new marketing ideas to get the game out on twitter @EcoTalesGame, one new thing was to show an asset via Sketchfab, this asset can be seen down below, it’s a very simple hand painted sword so, getting too much out of it wasn’t really expected.

We got a few retweets and a follower or two, me, Jona @Gruckel got 14 of them however, despite the post originating from @EcoTalesGame, strange.

Thick Sword by Jona Marklund on Sketchfab

I’ve yet to finish UVing the house from last week and am rebuilding it part by newly UVed part, started on some tileable textures, that’ll at least be fun!

Diving parts and making it modular.

Diving parts and making it modular.

We’ve also been reading every single article we’ve been able to find on marketing, and are trying to integrate the thoughts and experiences of other developers wherever we see fit.

K And for me, Krister @Klyxor is not only bitter over the fact that I did not manage to get as many followers as Jona, apparently you will be ever so popular if you can produce nice graphics, but code… Code is invisible and will lend you a few sympathy followers or likes at most.

Well some of my so far invisible contributions to @EcoTalesGame this past week has been more inventory stuff, GUI stuff and some research. My greatest role this week however has been that of a game designer (yet again something more popular than a coder), I drafted a simple rule set for the shop part and adventure part (this is still a secret until the announcement of what we are doing, so hush) and discussed it briefly with Jona during the weekend, before a long over due session of Pathfinder; Kingmaker in which I was the DM and got to release all my frustrations on the group of unaware “heroes”. We came to an agreement that the rules where a good starting point and will continue to talk about them as we continue our own adventure of developing this super mega awesome game that I believe should be named in my honor.

Before I leave you I do have a challenge for you, prove to the world that we coders are insanely interesting by following me (and @EcoTalesGame), also programmer art is far superior, proof below.

Programmer art

KJ Programmer tries to prove that programmer art is far superior.

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