Sep 282016

Angry_Villain_01I’m a bit worried, soon you will know more about me than ever before… Not today… But soon.

For now though I must say that the guys are in more of a hurry than they’ve ever been, and it seems as if though they’re wasting time on a lot of frivolous things which do not seem appropriate at this point in time!

J Lech is always such a tattletale… It is only semi-true however, I’ve been working on something which I don’t know a lot about, writing a story line.

From time to time I bring out my little brown book and write some thoughts I have on the story.


This week I’ve written some new parts; mainly though I’ve spent time transcribing what I’ve written in the book using Why not have a little sample? As always, if you’ve got any type of feedback, give it to me… Baby.


Oh and if you’re wondering about all of the SEX stuff, those are just constant string variables; OBJECTIVE_SEX will actually turn into him or her, and SEX will be woman or man.

Other than that I’ve been continuing on hair, I’m not very happy with showing this off, and keep in mind it is very VERY WIP! I even wrote that on the image, to make sure no one gets any ideas.


I’m very close to considering creating hairdos using geometry instead, but we will see, I can’t give up on plane based hair just yet.

K We did have a nice little after work time lasting more or less the entire weekend and what ever Lech says it was well deserved but perhaps not that well timed.

Regardless of all the fun we had, I have had some great fun working as well but as usual when it comes to being a programmer there is nothing fun to see, especially since I’m currently in Linköping studying.


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