Oct 052016

sneaky_villain_01Well well well, look at all of those nice images popping up in this post, I must say, I like them a lot, especially the first one.

That old man reminds me of someone, but the hands are much too large, so it couldn’t be…

Grrr… That Krister makes me look like a fool with that obviously Photoshoped gif, I in no way walk like that, nor do I have a twin, but at least… It looks like I’ll be able to earn some money soon.

J I’ve continued with hair, I’ve tried to sculpt some nice hair, used sculpts as a base for planes and by now I’m getting mightily impressed by the folks out there who are creating beautiful game res hair, especially long hairdos.

Up first is a new hair shader for planes along with an updated character shader which takes a map input to change the scalp color according to the applied hair, this will also be used for stubble and beard-area color manipulation.


Next up I’ve created a new character, any likeness to a real world individual is strictly coincidental, but if he was based on a real life person, who do you think that would be?


I’ve also looked into thr Amplify Shader Editor as an alternative to Shader Forge, I’ll do a write up on it next week and while it’s not done yet, you can read the initial report here.

K Look, I have graphics! Even though it is heavily on the WIP side it is still not that bad for a programmer, considering I did it all without help from Jona “the graphics guy”.

Wip shop inventory

Work in progress shop inventory

What I’m basically working for is for the player “that means you” to be able to place your wares on the display case for your customers to evaluate it before making the decision to buy or not to buy.

When it is all done different types of wares will have different types of display cases that bests suits the item in question, a sword for example will stand in a weapon rack while a potion might best be placed on a cushion on a table.

Well I hope to be able to show some more in the future but it’s difficult being a programmer and all. Until then, tuodelo and tudela.

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