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They’ve not been doing too bad this week, I think, it’s hard to tell as that Unity something or other system they got access to, sort of murdered the entire project or so I’ve heard, they may have some more thoughts on this.

J Let’s see, well other than losing a rather silly amount of work this weekend, things have been going alright for me.

Let’s start with one of my favorite projects right now, improving the Eco rig and adding geometry to the face region. I do this when there’s time, as, when the first video for GameOn is made, I’d very much like the facial deformations to look a lot better than they do currently.


This is just a single image to show off quite a few hours of modeling and skinning, this could to some sound like terrible timing, however, I really want to get this done before too many characters are skinned.

To the left is the old face geometry and to the right the new one, I’m also looking into fixing the teeth and creating a tongue, but this will have to wait until after GameOn.


I’ve also worked on some merchandise holders, one for clothing, one for swords and then finally one for very valuable swords and other long treasures, we’ll see about third one, but variation is king!

Oh and, if you’re here for the Unity shader node comparison, then this is the post you’re looking for, more info will be coming once I have the time to take a deeper dive into this exciting subject!

K Hello surfer smurfs!

What an intense week, the stress is starting to get to me and I feel a hundred years older but luckily there is just a few weeks more before returning to a more humane work load.

I have continued my work settings up a solid base for the shop, prototyping the interface which will look like crap for a long but function better and better as right now we don’t have a focus on the GUI graphics.

I’m not going to show it of quite yet but I will tell you how we almost… Well not everything because we are smart and we take back ups but at least a few days work.

First off I’m going to thank the project manager of the Unity3D Collaborate project because had a small and somewhat innocent passive aggressive meltdown on twitter in which he replied and then took down the details to have something to work with.

For most projects Collaborate seems to work great but me and Jona have had issues since we first got accepted into the beta program (this is why we do backups but still, we do it regardless of its status).

We have always had issues were Collaborate tells us it cannot move files so every time someone had made commits we had to remove everything and download the entire project from scratch, a total pain but but not painful enough for us to not struggle through it.

What brought us to our knees in tears is during one of these moments when we had to download everything again it decided without us committing it that all scene objects needed to loose its connection to prefabs and/or scripts. All our bases belonged to them.

When me and Jona work together, physically we maximize work and minimize everything else (hence the me feeling old and broken part) so way to late and way to sleep deprived we start fiddling with this in panic mode. His version doesn’t sync, my version doesn’t sync… And for the rest of the night we keep telling old war stories drenching our tears in the finest of liqueurs and bad movies.

When I finally made my way home and collapse in my bed but unable to sleep regardless of my heavy head and drowsy mind I get up to get my backup working, the project on the server is dead. I create a new one, I recreate all the work I’ve lost and then. Finally… I can fall asleep.

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