Mar 012016

Yeah, it is spring break in Sweden and half of KJ Interactive can enjoy some time of from their main gig to focus on Eco Tales before a few days in Prague, that half is of course only for me, Krister as I am a teacher in Sweden I connot only enjoy the promising future of some young game developers over at LBS Stockholm [SV] but also some of the same recess as the students.

One who cannot enjoy spring break is Jona so I stand here infront of my desk with a glass of schadenfreude dance coding on our great unannounced game.


This week I regretfully turned 35, I have done everything in my power to stop it, I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for that group of mischievous teenagers riding around in that ugly van with that weird looking dog of theirs.

All of this did of course not stop me from working and my focus area this past week have been making it possible to working on Eco in Unity3D as smooth and painlessly as possible with little effort required to test, create new levels and assets. I needed this before we had too big a base making it a hassle.

As usual I have nothing nice for you to see but who knows, next week you might get a nice photo of me enjoying Prague in all its glory, but for now you have to settle for a photo of me trying to explode my head to put out the fire on the cake.

Blowing out candles

Blowing out candles








J Don’t worry, you’re not the only one to not understand the old man’s rambling, dogecar?

Doge Car

So, I’ve been UVing again and testing out a few of the asset packs we bought over the madness Unity asset store madness.

I’ve also done some painting, here’s another pass on the cobble stones, I think this has taken about 20 hours, which is an insane amount of time.

Hopefully I’ll manage to get faster the more of these I paint.

Cobble stones final

Cobble stones final

We’ll be posting reviews of all our asset packs and how we’re using them eventually, for now you’ll have to make due with a test video for SALSA.

Setting that up took less than 2 hours and that was including the creation of morph targets, additionally, it was my first time using the asset pack.

This, which uses the same sound and a custom animation running the length of the clip took about the same time, but it looks and was super random and would have to be setup for every single sound clip in a game.

Here’s my happy birthday wish for Krister which is also using SALSA, sadly I managed to dislocate the jaw in this test so the teeth make an already disturbing video even more so..

I’m impressed with SALSA so far and I’d recommend you pick it up at the sale, I’ve yet to create final tweaks to morphtargets and settings inside of Unity, yet it’s looking pretty cool.

This project is going to be so amazing, trust me!

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