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Hello there!

By now you know I work as a teacher over at LBS Stockholm [SV], a great school and working place even though they take some time away from Eco Tales 😉

I teach programming, game development and those things but this past Friday I got the honor and pleasure to join some of the media students (film and photography) to go to LBS Borås and the first LBS Media Awards running for the first time ever now in 2016.

Some of the media students of LBS Stockholm

Media students and teacher








First time running this is a major deal for all LBS schools and all of its media students and I really do hope it will grow and grow and grow for every year because what all those students had to show was so fantastic that it needs a proper venue like this to make it justice.

LBS Media Awards Photo Section

LBS Media Awards Photo Section








Plenty of things went right but what I would like to see is a web page up and running as soon as possible, should have been before the event to really draw attention to this great event. The food needs not to be what ever that was, some type of burger or… I just don’t know, also  have eating utensils for people.

Never ever bring up the wrong person for the award and then go oops, we ment this person, mistakes happen but do not let this be one of them, and in the same area, the presenters seamed ill prepared.

All and all it was great, they kept there schedule down to a T which is unheard of and hopefully I will get to come next year also and it will be even grander and more impressive.

LBS Media Awards

LBS Media Awards

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