Jun 012017

Hello fellow devs!

Here comes a short post about a video I recently released on how you can setup Volumetric Lighting inside of Unreal Engine 4.16+

First up, the video itself, it in short walks you through the settings you’ll need to change to make Volumetric Lighting possible.

I’ve also thrown in a few things that I found to be fun and interesting, mainly how you can easily setup your materials to create art direct-able areas of fog using particle systems.


Here you can download the mask texture found inside of the video, just right click and “Save link as…” Download Volumetric Mask Textures

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Sep 282015

Hello UE4 devs!

Last week I bought you this post, Lightmapping 101, however, I neglected to add a section on auto-generation.

Would you like to know how to never worry about lightmaping for the rest of your life?

If you’re working in Unreal Engine 4, you can start by watching this, the shortest video ever.

Disclaimer! While this is a must for prototyping, a sharp project may need custom authored lightmaps, check out last week’s post for a quick intro into the world of lightmaping in 3Ds Max, Maya and Blender!

Loads of Love

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Sep 202015

Hello fellow artist!

About a year ago I created a tutorial in which I showed people new to Unreal Engine 4, how to get around a pesky lightmapping error while saving time and doing as little as possible.

Now EPIC has a much nicer pipeline for lightmaps so I’m creating a new video which shows the how to create lightmaps swiftly inside of 3D Studio Max, Maya as well as Blender.

There’s some more reading below the video, but check it out first, I hope it’ll be helpful to beginner/intermediate users of the applications.

First of, the parts which are not filmed in Unreal can be applied to other engines as well, Unity for example uses the very same setup.

Keeping the post short and sweet, there is a huge amount of materials on creating amazing lightmaps, for small projects where every kb of texture memory doesn’t have to be account for and areas which are small enough to allow for high resolution lightmaps, semi-auto-generation is enough even in a AAA-setting, and an artist in a small indie team just doesn’t have the time to author pixel perfect lightmaps.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video and if you don’t agree with me, leave a comment on our Facebook page!

Peace, Love and Understanding

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Aug 172015

Hello fellow Unreal developers!

Are you, as I was, tired of the Unreal Launcher taking up extra RAM needed for light baking and other amazing things? Do I have a video for you, in less than a minute you’ll be free of the launcher (for good?)!

Without further ado, here’s the video, as always, please do like and subscribe, that way I know if you want more or if you’re sick of my voice.

Happy Deving everyone!


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