Sep 192016


I’m actually ecstatic today! Why? Well the boys will let you know more, but we’re going to attend our first Game Conference! Why I care you wonder? Well, they are going to be bringing a lot of Mini-mes! 3D Printed ones, which you can paint!

J While a lot of the images this time are rather dull, what they’re leading up to isn’t, Lech spoiled it, but, we’ll be attending GameOn in Vilnius, Lithuania!

gameon hex

First up is the front of our new business card, with an extra spot to write down a personal mail adress should that be needed, what do you think? I like it clean, which means all of KJ had better like it clean!


Next up is a Lech! Ready for print, fresh off of the line with his new pedestal. You may imagine that this is needed for him to stand, but as I created the base model, I did keep balance in mind and behold! Below in Kristers post (I can hardly believe it myself) but Lech is so well balanced that he can stand on his own two feet!



We will be bringing quite a few of these little Lechs, so let’s hope the people at GameOn are feeling the painting mood and that our multiprint setup works!


I’ve also spent the weekend on looking into some more Houdini assets, I can’t get enough of the application, these are for another secret project, which I’ll tell you more about later!


K As our boss Mr Lech Plešec explained we aim to bring as many 3d printed miniatures of him as we can for you to paint on GameOn. Thanks to my day job as a teacher at LBS Stockholm we’ve been able to borrow a wonderful Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer.

I bet you’ve all seen our previous nice prints of Lech, however nice those were, Lech felt that maybe he shouldn’t be naked, especially not when we try to give those away by the billions. That’s why Jona spent some time creating a new model ready for print, same pose but with pants and a shirt on.

Well balanced Lech

Well balanced Lech

There is one slight issue with trying to print a billion small Lech miniatures with only one printer… Time! There isn’t enough of it, one way we tried to decrease the time were by letting the printer print several copies at one, now it doesn’t actually reduce print time but the time I need to be there to remove the old print and start a new one.

Ugly artifacts

Ugly artifacts

As you can see it made some really bad artifacts from when the printer head jumped between the two copies, also in the model itself some of the print layers was done in such a low quality we just couldn’t let it represent our beautiful Lech.

Well we are destined to print the miniatures one by one but we will bring as many as we can, but don’t you worry, we also have a little back up plan if we run out of them.




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