Sep 132015

It is truly amazing all the wondrous things you can do with some math and spare time.

After someone posted this Cat Purr generator on Facebook I had to try and make something with sound, not really knowing anything about the subject except for the basics.

To just create sound was easy, all you need is the OnAudioFilterRead method which will give data to manipulate, which you can place on either an AudioSource or AudioListener component and if you don’t have a playing clip in which to modify you get a clean silence to do with what you want.

In programming we have the tradition of always starting with typing a Hello World program the first thing we do when we try out a new language, it is a thing just like what I suppose is a thing to always make a sound from a sine curve in audio programming which I did quickly follows by generating white noise and then I flipped out with no regard for anyone’s safety, I went full rebel following no rules or train of thought and this is what happened.

What is difficult is not getting sound but to control it, it is a big subject and fun to try out, this is not I will ever master but I have seen some awesome stuff people have made and I want to know more about it so if you have made something really cool in this field please let me know!

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