Dec 032015

Hello fellow devs, and Hi mom!

To not overload the blog and Facebook page we’re going to write weekly posts, which we update 7 times each, once per day.

Let’s get this done!

December 2nd

Technical artist Jona searching for the meaning of life in the lens of camera.

Today I took a few asset I’d made for Unreal Engine 4 and pushed them through my Unity pipeline, sadly, most of my original files had been lost so this took quite bit longer than expected.

I will need to edit the textures a bit to fit in with the rest of the game.

Additionally, adhering to the one object per day rule I also created the cherries seen in the image below.

Fat Eco Man Day 2

5 hours of work

Programmer Krister in a bad mood on the subway.

For me, the programmer had a nice one hour yesterday as well, we had a small base of code from last weekend so I improved upon that, working with the weapon system, cleaning up and improving the attack code a bit.

So far I am working with temporary graphics of course, with some from Jona and some programmer made visuals, I think it is safe to say that I am the better artist of KJ.

Programmer art is much superior

Programmer art is much superior

December 3rd

Technical artist Jona searching for the meaning of life in the lens of camera.

I created the base of a flan asset using Maya and started looking into a custom shader to change colors of it depending upon taste, I’ve not yet decided if this it the way I’ll go with it, but there’s time for iteration yet.

I also started and finalized the ecological chocolate bar seen in the image. Most time was spent looking into the Unity 5 Standard shader.

I’ve yet to decide if PBR is the right way to go for this game, it’s lacking something important, maybe the lighting will stick, as for the rest, big things are coming, I’m sure of it!

Eco Dec 3rd

The first consumables are ready, time for custom shaders perhaps?

Programmer Krister in a bad mood on the subway.

I went wholeheartedly into creating a system to handle settings and configurations with restore to default capabilities and also started looking into using cInput. So not a big update for me, nothing as fancy as sweet chockolates but I am a firm beliver of having a strong foundation of these general systems inplemented early as it will help during development, also since we don’t have all the concepts and ideas of the game done it is something to work on while we figure things out.

December 4th

Technical artist Jona searching for the meaning of life in the lens of camera.

Busiest day of the week, managed to get an hour in, however, I wasn’t even close to managing a blog update after, spent too long on this haha.

One hour of work

One hour of work

Programmer Krister in a bad mood on the subway.

After creating the basic system for handling settings in the game I continued with creating a settings editor just to avoid the hassle of having to deal with the XML file.

XML Settings in engine Editor for Unity3D

Settings Editor

December 5th

Technical artist Jona searching for the meaning of life in the lens of camera.

Today we went into full work mode, I worked on writing some shaders and started on some clothing, using a free trial of Marvelous Designer, it was a lof of fun, it’s prone to crashing but very powerful.

Marvelous Designer shirt

Marvelous Designer shirt

Programmer Krister in a bad mood on the subway.

This saturday we went full work mode and I took the time to improve upon the item and weapon systems as well as started working on the inventory ststem.

December 6th

Technical artist Jona searching for the meaning of life in the lens of camera.

I continued experimenting with Marvelous Designer, here are a set of pants I created somewhere around midnight and beyond, hopefully I’ll have the time for another update today.

These clothes need some nice textures, painting time!

Marvelous Designer Pants

Marvelous Designer Pants

Programmer Krister in a bad mood on the subway.

The last day of the firs week I spent some time cleaning up the code from yesterday, making som small improvements to the code.


Technical artist Jona searching for the meaning of life in the lens of camera.

I end the sunday with this, my current favourite shader iterations, which do you prefer? Send me a message on Facebook or twitter and let me know!

Shader variations

Shader variations

Sep 062015
Working on Chummy Fishes game

Working Hard

We are students our entire lives, not perhaps enrolled in a school per say but everyday we learn, experience and grow, or this would be true if you applied some thought into it.
Active learning put the responsibility of learning into the hands of the student whom actively trues to learn by engaging in activities such as reading, writing, discussing, analyzing, reflection etc, etc. It is this blend between acquiring the theoretical base with putting your knowledge into practice and ending with thinking about what you learned and how you learned it.

You can read all you want about walking but unless you put one foot in front of the other you will be standing still and unless you think about how you got from point A to point B you might find yourself not being able to apply your new experience to similar situations, you will stuck walking between point A and B never reaching that green grass over by the C side.

I believe this to be true on all subjects, you can read about history but formalizing your thoughts and putting them on paper will help the theory stick in your memory and you just might gain some deeper knowledge thinking about why and how something came to be rather then just when it happened.

We as gamers/game developers or aspiring to be might already know the importance of game and play in learning, much of my English comes from playing tabletop RPGs and playing computer games and this same idea can be applied to learning with gamification, encouraging engagement by having fun. This seems to be something our brains love and I would like to take the time to recommend a book called Theory of Fun for Game Design by Ralph Koster, now I would say that this book is worth reading despite the fact that you might not want to learn game design.

Moving on… There is one more major factor in achieving that level of skill in whatever subject you want to master and that is time, time spent in practicing and reflecting about a subject will bring you that much closer to your goal and that is what I take with me from Malmcolms Gladwells book the Outliers where he talk about how it requires 10 000 hours of practicing in the right way to to achieve world class expertise in any skill. Now whether that is true or not might be up for debate but I believe he is correct that it takes time.

This is why I made this small code example letting you see when you might be an expert if practicing the right way by calculating how long it would take for you to have reached those 10 000 hours if you spend x numbers of hours per day.

Taking a break from work.

Relaxing after a hard days work.

So take a look at what you have to do and happy practicing just don’t forget that enjoying life is key for a long healthy career as well so do not forget to have fun every once in a while like us.

Practicing hours per day if starting today you would be finished in 2018-02-23
You would be going for 0 years and 0 days.

P.S. And of course you can have the code as well, I have written it in C# so if you want to code then please enjoy.

[expand title=”C#”]
using System;

namespace _10kHours
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            UInt32 hoursPerDay = 0;
            DateTime finishedDate = DateTime.Today;
            TimeSpan timeSpan;

            Console.WriteLine("How many hours per day do you want to practice?");
            string answer = Console.ReadLine();

            while (!UInt32.TryParse(answer, out hoursPerDay) && hoursPerDay > 0)
                Console.WriteLine("Invalid input, please try again.");
                answer = Console.ReadLine();

            finishedDate = finishedDate.AddDays(10000 / hoursPerDay);
            timeSpan = finishedDate - DateTime.Today;
            int years = timeSpan.Days / 365;

            Console.WriteLine("Practicing {0} hours per day if starting today you would be finished in\n{1}.",
                hoursPerDay, finishedDate.ToShortDateString());
            Console.WriteLine("You would be going for\n{0} years and {1} days.", years,
                (finishedDate.AddYears(-years) - DateTime.Today).Days);

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