May 312015

It was back in 2008 the last time I were involved in Gotland Game Awards (now Gotland Game Conference or GGC as competitors, it was my last year as a student and we (me, Jona, Håkan from Swedish Bust Stop  and a few others) had been working a full year on Physitive, a great (or so I like to think) Third Person Puzzle Game.

We would have won if it weren’t for a bunch of Danes, no offence Danish people but før I helvede we should have won, if it weren’t for the god damn fact that the winning game was slightly better of course.

It wasn’t long after that when we started working for the school and part of that was making GGC happen, planning it, setting it up and made sure it all went as planned during the actual event, we all did a great job on that too.

Well, I haven’t been involved in this great conference since 2012, and for me, I have not really seen it as just a visitor either, something that changed this last Monday.

Ballistic Balloon Battle

Ballistic Balloon Battle

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the whole event, but at least I was there for a while and got to see some great games and listen to some great speakers. It really hit me how the event has matured into a great conference with the quality of the students work have sky rocketed and there is still some very interested work in input models, where one of my favorites “Ballistic Balloon Battle” used a gyroscope air pump to control a hot air balloon with a cannon which I used with great skill to take down any opponent that dared to challenge me.

I know you all keep asking, where are all the pictures of Krister, well it saddens me almost as much as it saddens you that there are none, I got to meet many friends, old and new and none of them thought I was suitable for a visual medium, not even with my camera and its questionable quality.

Back to the main story I suppose, I really did enjoy all games I got to try out, Naar, Tamarrion, Frog Climbers, and so on, all the students have done an awesome job, gone up and above expectations.

Even if the games were the main inspiration for going, the speeches and speakers are usually quite interesting on these types of events, but I got to say that Gotland Game Conference 2015 brought something extra to the show, I particularly liked Constance Steinkuehler speech on The Intellectual and Cognitive Merits of Digital Games Play.

Krister on GGConf15

Krister attending Gotland Game Conference 2015

Before I finish this post with some great information I did actually manage to take one pic of myself on the event, pics or it  didn’t happen as the saying goes, tired from crushing all opponents in any game I tried I finally got a breather during the third speech and I do believe this image proves the point of my friends but lets just blame it on the camera for now.

As far as I know all the speeches will be freely available at a later date, and we will just have to make due with those while we wait for Gotland Game Conference 2016.

Gotland Game Conference 2015 Showreel

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