Jun 012016


I’m livid! Barely any work has been done this week, the boys should be flogged for their negligence.

Let’s see what they have to say for themselves.

J So… Warhammer : Total War was released this Tuesday, I’ve been looking forward to this “match made in heaven” for 16 years.

As you will be able to tell, I’ve been allowed to use Marvelous Designer at my day job, during evenings.

Let’s see what I managed to fit in on Monday, and throw in some Marvelous work from last week as well.

Below are two simple designs, an everyday dress shirt and a long sleeved sweater. I stared with creating these for the fit male, then, by just importing the fit female and fat male as avatars, (as well as changing the pattern to be more feminin/have a lot more cloth), I had variants for all currently finished body types.


Fit male simple sweater

Getting into Marvelous Designer is truly easy if you’re used to working in 3D, this shirt is just based upon a simple shirt pattern I found on google.

The shirt is very tight as I wanted the fit male to be able to show off his highly sought-after abs, the hardest thing really, was rolling up the sleeve, which I did with pins and a lot of cloth pulling and by changing the friction of that arm’s fabric type.

Fit female simple sweater

Fit female simple sweater

For the female I wanted something a bit less revealing, yet low budget, after copying the male pattern I changed the fit and looked at female shirt patterns, then finalized the design by adding some linning around the edges.

Fit male simple dress shirt

Fit male simple dress shirt

After the simple sweater I wanted something more classy yet common enough to be used multiple times without feeling too repeated.

Enter the dress shirt, a piece of clothing men have been wearing since medieval times, again, just googled shirt pattern and adapted it to Eco’s strange(?) character proportions.

For the fit male I added some puffy sleeves, mostly to see if I could, I also went for using pins to get the shirt to drape closer to the character’s belly without removing cloth.


Fat Male simple dress shirt

For the fat male I removed the drapes and simply let it simulate, I then changed the collar to look less tidy as this will be worn by Lech, he’s not the tidy type.

Fit female simple dress shirt

Fit female simple dress shirt

I got rid of the fluffy sleeves for the female and tightened the area around her waist while extending the cloth around her hips.

All of these shirts, from the first seam to final low poly bake took roughly one week or 40 hours, it seems to me that Marvelous Designer will be something I’ll want to get for myself to create real content for Eco with.

I doubt these are the types of designs that will end up in the final game, having watched Downton Abbey I feel the mid 20s’ very appealing and these rather dull… However, the poor people will be coming to your shop as well!

K Well at least I was up to something good even though not as good as Eco Tales. I have been flogging myself all week. Well almost anyway, I’ve been knee deep in correcting the students assignments penultimate week before they leave for the summer, then and only then will my burden decrease before the end of June when my “vacation” starts meaning I can clock some serious time. Work, hitting the gym and hrm, going to Japan for two weeks… I haven’t told Lech that yet, he will be furious but I don’t, eh, care, it will just be too awesome.

Well lets try and focus a bit for what is important. My week on Eco has been like you’ve might have figured short winded, I’ve been playing around with behavior trees now that I have a few basic tasks done, I’m slowly learning the system and my hopes for this week is a test tree where the player can interrupt an AI and get it to follow her.

Sayonara Mr. Robata.

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