Jul 122015

After a long week of winding down from first week of vacation with the oh so obligatory cold, luckily the weather decided to catch on too as it was poring down outside. Well, of course that was only for me as Jona was living large as he is currently away on a road trip in the states.

It was not all bad how ever as Sophie were in between travels so we decided to do a small afternoon game jam which resulted in what might be the absolute best space game out there today.

Just check this game play video out and tell me you disagree, I dare you.


Burst My Bubble is the name of the game, and it is a two player game playable with either keyboard or gamepad with which you control one of the colored squares, you should take as many flying objects as you can to get a higher score, the wrenches however will make your cube smaller for a time and the alien head larger.

If you want to play this magnificent game you can download it for windows KJ – Burst My Bubble.


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