Jun 142016


Oh my, I can hardly believe the post old Krister has written below, poor J has been rather hard at work and that picture doesn’t look a lot like his art style at all.

Anyhow, I feel I owe it to my future income from you all renting my property to show some of the things Jona has worked on, now that the lazy… Now that he is on vacation in France for a week.

L So what has Jona done then, let’s see, he sent me some images.


Cultist clothing and hierarchy differences

Here are two of those nasty cultists seen inside of Unity, they evidently lack details like belts and such, still though, nastier people would be difficult to find.


Procedural wall prototype

This here is supposed to become walls inside of dungeons, looks terrible doesn’t it? I’ve been told that the “vertex colors” will have different “textures” on them which will make it look great, Jona promises this. We’ll see, I’m sceptical.

He’s also been writing some lore, however, he didn’t want to share any of that, he felt that this is enough, now, enjoy Krister’s original post, it’s rated R for strong language, you’ve been warned!

Well the J of KJ Interactive have traveled to France on a luxurious vacation leaving me here working on Eco Tales all by my self. I don’t hold a grouch for Jola of course, if Joba needs a vacation then Joma should get a vacation.

Finally I can get my ideas into Eco Tales, they are of course the good ones but that does not matter for now. I will try and recap last weeks shenanigans meaning I will besides from writing my part also emulate Joras part.

Oh, and I suppose I will have to continue with having Jopas part first event though it is really weird because then it spells out JK instead of KJ and JK Interactive is a really bad name and I don’t like it.

J Hi, Jopa here, due to a massive case of syphilis I’m on my way to France to find a cure, but I did manage to get some “important” “work” in on Eco, yes you guessed it… Clothes.

I did some pants and a shirt or something like that, here is a ingame screenshot of the final result.

Joora did some new clothes

Joora did some new clothes


K What have been one of the heaviest weeks of the year is finally over, only one week of work left (quite heavy in it self) before my vacation start and I can put in a lot more work on Eco Tales.

Well I suppose I will try and explain what I’ve done this week even though it is invisible because I’m a programmer and can’t make awesome art like that one above from Jona.

Working with the AI as usual I needed to rework the test combat system a bit to make it work, replacing some animations as well. During this process a found some bugs a quickly squashed and started working on a little surprise that I will hopefully be able to tell you about the next week or the week after that.

Anyways, a quick recap or more of a hey how are you doing lets talk tomorrow kind of a post but a post none the less.


As they say in France, are river and have a nice week.

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Jun 092016


You may call me Lochlan Siyah, Orator-Magus of the order of the Black Lake, Lech, as you can clearly tell, is not here any more.

Oh, but do not fear, while his time may have come to an abrupt end, yours, does not have to. I am here for you now. Here, to talk to you about progress.

“Progress”, it’s such a beautiful word! Why sweat and bleed alone? Before undreamed of inventions will offer us comfort, keep us safe from our enemies, us, together, in community.

So let the forests burn, the icecaps melt, and the animals succumb to extinction, the Black Water will bring salvation! Join us!

Join us, or be left behind alone, the choice is yours.

J This week I’ve been focusing on creating the base design for the Cultists of Eco. These horrible Black Water worshipers have long polluted the beautiful forests around Ecbatana, corrupting all its denizens, making them shy away from, or even grow hostile towards humanity.

Using the new cloth shader and some simple maps, it will be very easy to create multiple clans and sub-clans of the cultist, below you can see the first iteration of the Fire Water clan mask inside of Unity.


Finally I created a base clothing set for semi-high tire clan members, there’s still some work to be done but wowee has creating this waken a long time! I recently removed the knot around its stomach area, it’s something I’ll be adding later inside of Maya, I really didn’t feel I could make it tight enough to look good… Who knows, might give it one more go.



K It’s been a great week work wise and life wise this past week, I have gotten a lot more time with Eco Tales, I think I’ve clocked well over 50 hours, of course being a coder that doesn’t mean I have anything to show unless you enjoy looking at code but I did get ready to try out the first AI behavior tree and I’m just getting into that system.

So we have our previously made tasks letting the AI patrol between several points, and I’ve added the ability for it to attack and my first test is giving it sight so if you interrupt the AI on its patrol it will move towards you and attack you.

Artificial intelligence patrolling.

Artificial intelligence patrolling.

So far it works ok I have some kinks to work out but given some time I think I will better understand what I’m doing, right know it is a bit testing, trial and error and it a at least a few things I need to learn and understand to get a hang of it but I don’t think it should be all to difficult or overwhelming.

AI behaviour tree

AI behaviour tree

So this coming week I hope to learn the tools a bit better and will hopefully get a few of the kinks out.

In other news me and my partner just took up AirBnB Hosting so if you’re looking for a place to stay in Stockholm for a few days you might find our sofa bed to be a nice option.

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May 252016

eco tales happy 3ds max maya rpg game fun

I’m very excited about this week’s progress, why?

Well, I’ve gotten some new clothes, as for the rest, well, the boys can tell you about that, I couldn’t care less even if I tried.

J So I’ve been working even harder than usual knowing that Warhammer : Total War is to be released on Tuesday, this means I won’t get any work done for at least a week.


Above you can see some new clothes for the fit female and male, a basic shirt and a simple dress shirt each! The new clothing customization is also alive and well as you can surely tell.

Lech's new clothes

Lech’s new clothes

Here is Lech’s new shirt as well, it’s also using the new PBR cloth shader, however, Lech refused to wear anything with a lot of fancy patterns, so we settled on blue.

K Thanks to the workday we managed to have I got some more AI work made, yay. I managed to fix that small bug I introduced a while ago and took the time to look over the code and fixing small issues making it overall more stable.

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May 122016

Hello everyone especially all of you students from Uppsala University, hope you enjoyed our little talks, I sure did.

Today we’ll be looking at creating a super simple shader which will make grass, or any object for that matter, maybe a flag or tree branches, flow in the wind, based upon a vertex paint and a single scalar value.

At the bottom of the post you will find a .rar file with a mobile (unlit) and a PBR version of the shader, ready to open inside of Shader Forge.

First up, a semi-short video where we look at vertex painting in Maya, 3Ds Max and Blender.

In part two we create the shader inside of Shader Forge.

Or if you’re in a hurry, here are the actual Grass Shaders!

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Apr 132016

We’re almost at three months and things are starting to shape up, we’re still some ways away from showing off any actual game play, but behind the secretive doors of KJ Interactive studios, there has been sword swinging, that’s for real and for true!

J I’ve continued looking into shaders and post effects this week. Last week I showed off the first version of our main VFX shader.

This week I show off, what may very well be the final one, check out this fire burning in the forests of Eco!


I’ve also looked deeper into fonts, Alegreya has for many reasons been on top of my list for Eco Tales, but readability would be a problem within the game itself, so after roughly two seconds of googling I found Alegreya Sans, it was as you may imagine, love at first sight.

Not our logo!

Not our logo!

We’ve also changed the name! The old one was very descriptive, sure, but it lacked a certain… Punchiness… So, Eco Tales : My Item Shop, short and concise isn’t it?


ZBrush Hippo

The gear of our friendly little hippo is also coming along nicely, imagine filling all those boards with baskets and sword sheets! Quite the little carrier isn’t she?

Mainly this week I’ve been working on look development, getting colors and lighting to where I want it, more shaders are needed and while the standard shader looks good, it’s not possible to get where I want with it.

Going to further break it down and rewrite the overall light functions so that SSAO and other screen effects still work the way they should (my last toonish-reality shader really screwed the SSAO up).

K Well well well, lucky number eleven, just writing that sentence got me in the mood for Lucky Number Slevin, great movie, I mean not like The Room or anything but then again, what is? Anyways it is time for eleventh recapitulation of Eco Tales: My Item Shop so here goes.

If you remember from last week I’ve been working on the “soon” to be announced webpage for Eco Tales and it is getting ready, now we just need to set the texts and Jona needs to produce the graphics for it but as web development is not exactly what either one of us fancy and there is a bunch of more important and more exciting things to do on Eco Tales it just might take some time.

On that page you will be able to subscribe to our news letter and as an extra treat if you want to subscribe to us via E-mail so you don’t risk forgetting about us you can sign up here for future news letters, and I can’t stress enough that we will not misuse your e-mail adress in any shape or form, this is strictly about Eco Tales: My Item Shop and until our dedicated web page is up you will not be able to unsubscribe in any convenient way but that will hopefully soon change.

So back to what I have actually have done on Eco Tales, that is why we are here after all.
What we have now ins still early in development and requires different amount of work to make them as good as possible so keep in mind that everything you see is in test phase and considered temporary..
  • Player movement – WASD style moving the player in relative to the cameras view point.
  • Camera movement – Follows the player allowing for rotation around the player which snaps back to default view, zooming is also possible.
  • Inventory – With one equippable sword with temporary GUI.
  • Attacking – You can swing your sword around hitting things, a successful strike will not achieve much currently but the basic system is in place.

Below is a quickly recorded video with excellent programmer art and showing a small bit what I have done this past three months.

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Mar 292016

Easter week and despite some fever going around, a lot of days off of work!

Before we get to the recap, we’ve got exciting news, we’re now live on IndieDB! Check it out and follow us there for all the latest on Eco Tales!

Now, without further ado, here’s what we’ve done this week.

JDon’t know if you know this, but the 21st of March is actually International Day of Forests! In celebration of it, I created a new tree in, what else, SpeedTree of course!

Happy international day of forests!

Happy international day of forests!

It is ALSO World Poetry Day which we celebrated by using @CrazyMinnov studio’s SALSA.

I’ve also joined a challenge on Artstation, it’s to create a 3D transport, something we will need in Eco, I moved it up the priorities list though, I can do that, I’m the Lead Artist after all!

concept art

Hippo concept art

You can check out the challenge and Eco Tales new Hippo, here, below is a shot of the hippo in Unity with a very simple texture, there’s a lot more to see in the artstation thread which I linked earlier.

I will, of course, also be making a post on the entire Hippo-project once it is complete.

textures 3d coat 3ds max maya

Hippo in engine with test textures

Not a huge deal but while I was looking at the scene I got entirely fed up with the ugly green pants that have been hanging around for about three months, so I turned them into a light leather armor.

Ugly green pants turned into light leather armor

Light leather pants


Hello, hope you’re having a great time this eggcellent (see what I did there? It is Easter, a week we celebrate the egg) week.

This upcoming week is Easter and being a teacher I have that week off so I can dedicate that fully to Eco Tales.

Well anyway this week I’ve managed to squeeze in some work but not as much as I’ve wanted to of course so this recap on my part will be short.

I’ve really only done some ground work with the player input and the camera improving it and also some ground systems that really only effect us developers so yeah…. That’s it, no nice pictures, no, no interesting tales no nothing so hopefully I will have more to show you next week but I bet Jonas recap above mine was all the more interesting (I wrote this before him so I haven’t read it yet).

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Mar 212016

Two months now, time sure goes by quickly when you’re having fun. Which we are! A lot of nice things have been said about the game since we went live last week.

What is the game really about many have asked and well, we’ll get to that soon!

JSo what have I done this week? Mainly painting swords, but it’s been a busy week at work so I’ve done way less than I wanted to.

Here’s the main villain on Sketchfab!

Looks mad doesn’t he, might be because you haven’t yet liked our Facebook page! So get on over there and like it!

Four low tire swords for sale!

Four low tire swords for sale!

We’re going to need a lot of different weapons and armours for the adventuring part of the game, I’ve had my fun creating these four base swords which we will need when we show off how different sword weights influence your adventurers’ swings!

Next up is the first set of armour and the interior of the shop where you’ll be able to sell these wonderful swords to customers and even friendly adventurers looking for an upgrade.

Alright, phew, so, I’m not really known for my 2D skills but since we want feedback from fellow devs and gamers I’ve got to bite the dust, would you like to see an adventurer you hire in @EcoTalesGame wear something like what I’ve painted below?

Speed concepts

Speed concepts

Here are two variations of a low tire leather armour, one of them complete with a duelling vambrace, the 3D version will most likely look quite different and naturally be a lot more detailed, there’s also a high tire steel armour on display.

While these wouldn’t land me a job as a concept artist I know what to take away form them when I go into 3D, and that is enough, time is a precious commodity after all.

Since we’re on the subject of concept art, the right most one is my first attempt, I spent way more time on it than any of the others, most of that time was spent just rendering each piece, and putting them into layers. I never stopped to consider the change in silhouette or if the design was at all interesting.

photoshop concept

Time waste traps!

Isn’t it lovely, that amount of work and dedication put into each piece of the armour, named layers and a pattern layer not to break what’s underneath… But in all fairness, isn’t it just… Brown? As well as dull design-wise? It barely changes up the silhouette and… It’s brown, I don’t be dissin’ on brown but how about throwing in some blues? Like in the second concept that took a fraction of the time.

Learn from my mistakes young pawans and sithlings, first silhouette, then values (enough to bring out a shape), after that toss in some colour and voila, concept art! Want my number one time saving tip? Well, you’re getting it anyway!

  • Set your brush to 100% opacity with only line thickness based on pressure.
  • Then try to use no more than 3 colours/values to define your concept.
  • You know you can’t make it perfect so you’ll stop as soon as it looks like the design you’ve got brewing inside of your head!

Oh, back to the number four again, including the fit female we now have four body types. These three body types will be what all other human males are built upon, we’d love some feedback on this, different enough or nawwt? There will naturally be more skin tones and different characters will have different faces, but model-wise this is looking to be it!

Three male bodies and one female so far.

Three male bodies and one female so far.


K I have managed to spend my entire weekend on Eco Tales, pure joy!


Warrior poses with Butcher Sword

The combat in Eco Tales is physics based meaning that if the weapon actually touches the enemy during and attack there is a good chance some serious damage will be dealt, unless your Kung Fu is weak of course, but remember practise makes perfect.

So one of the things I have done this weekend is prototyping such a system and we now have a beautiful (programmer made) area in which you can try your chances against a dummy trainer.

A game like Eco Tales requires some fine tuned camera work and animations and I believe that is something that will require our attention throughout the complete development time of the game but I believe I got the first system ready for testing and evaluation to see if we need to rethink it all together or go forward with this style.

Well after such a great weekend filled with much work and little sleep I think I deserve a trip to the gym and some housework so I will hopefully hear from you next week for some more great news and progress.